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Zenoh also offers a REST API via the zenoh-http plugin. When starting zenoh with default options, this HTTP plugin is automatically started on port 8000 and ready to answer HTTP requests.
The full zenoh key/value space is accessible via this REST API, including the Admin space.


Binds to the get(selector) operation on zenoh.

  • URL: http://host:8000/selector
  • body: none
  • headers: none

The results are returned as a JSON array of objects containing "key", "value"and "time".

Examples using curl:

# Get the keys/values matching /demo/**
curl http://localhost:8000/demo/**
{ "key": "/demo/example/zenoh-python-put",
  "value": "Put from Zenoh Python!",
  "time": "2019-11-26T10:04:06.369743108Z" },
{ "key": "/demo/example/zenoh-java-put",
  "value": "Put from Zenoh Java!",
  "time": "2019-11-26T10:04:15.031682968Z" },
{ "key": "/demo/example/zenoh-go-put",
  "value": "Put from Zenoh Go!",
  "time": "2019-11-26T10:04:09.879540920Z" }

# Get the keys/values matching /demo/example/*eval (i.e. the zenoh eval examples)
# with property name=Bob
curl http://localhost:8000/demo/example/*eval?(name=Bob)
{ "key": "/demo/example/zenoh-java-eval",
  "value": "Eval from Bob",
  "time": "None" }

# Get the list of storages via a Get on admin space (/@/...)
curl -g http://localhost:8000/@/**/storage/**
{ "key": "/@/router/cd5723ef1abe4a8f9984d003283c7e28/plugin/storages/backend/sqlite3/storage/sto-65069",
  "value": "on_dispose=Truncate;selector=/demo/example/sql/**;table=example",
  "time": "2019-11-26T11:22:39.668893098Z" },
{ "key": "/@/router/cd5723ef1abe4a8f9984d003283c7e28/plugin/storages/backend/influxdb/storage/sto-80720",
  "value": "db=example;on_dispose=DropDB;selector=/demo/example/influx/**",
  "time": "2019-11-26T11:22:39.572923898Z" },
{ "key": "/@/router/cd5723ef1abe4a8f9984d003283c7e28/plugin/storages/backend/memory/storage/Demo",
  "value": "selector=/demo/example/**",
  "time": "2019-11-26T11:22:08.759634017Z" }


Binds to the put(path,value) operation on zenoh.

  • URL: http://host:8000/path
  • body: the value to put
  • headers:
    • content-type: the value encoding (optional; unspecified implies RAW encoding)

The supported content-types and their mapping to zenoh encoding are:

content-type zenoh encoding
text string
application/x-www-form-urlencoded string
application/xml string
application/xhtml+xml string
application/json JSON
any other value RAW
unspecified RAW

Examples using curl:

# Put a string value in /demo/example/test
curl -X PUT -d 'Hello World!' http://localhost:8000/demo/example/test

# Put a JSON value in /demo/example/json
curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"value": "Hello World!"}' http://localhost:8000/demo/example/test

# Create a Memory storage on /demo/test/** via a Put on admin space (/@/...)
curl -X PUT -d '{"selector":"/demo/test/**"}' http://localhost:8000/@/router/local/plugin/storages/backend/memory/storage/my-test


Binds to the remove(path) operation on zenoh.

  • URL: http://host:8000/path
  • body: none
  • headers: none

Examples using curl:

# Remove the value with key /demo/example/test
curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8000/demo/example/test

# Remove a storage via a Remove on admin space (/@/...)
curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8000/@/router/local/plugin/storages/backend/memory/storage/my-test