Zenoh plugins

The zenoh router (zenohd executable) supports the loading of plugins at start-up.

A zenoh plugin is a library that can be loaded by the zenoh router at start-up. It shares a runtime with it, allowing the plugin to use the regular zenoh and/or zenoh-ne APIs with the same peer ID.

By default the zenoh router will automatically search and load plugins library files with such names:

  • on Unix/Linux: libzplugin_*.so
  • on MacOS: libzplugin_*.dylib
  • on Windows: zplugin_*.dll

The list of paths in which the zenoh router will search for plugins can be configured via the --plugin-search-dir option (that can be repeated to specify several directories). The default list can be seen in using the --help option.

This automatic search and load of plugins can be desactivated using the --plugin-nolookup option.
And some plugins library files to load anyway can be specified using the --plugin option (repeatable). In such case, the complete path of the library file must be specified, and its filename is free.

Zenoh already provides the following plugins:

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