Zenoh in action

Let us now look into a sample scenario of Zenoh working. Zenoh supports two paradigms of communication - publish-subscribe and queries.

Pub/Sub in Zenoh

Zenoh pub/sub in action

This animation shows a basic pub/sub in action. The subscribers connected to the system receives the values send by the publishers routed efficicently through the Zenoh network. You can also observe the presence of a sleeping subscriber connected to the network. Once the subscriber awakes, the nearest Zenoh node will send the pending publications.

Queries in Zenoh

Zenoh queries in action

This animation shows a simple query in action through Zenoh. You can see the presence of storages and queryables. A queryable is any process that can reply to queries. A storage is a combination of a subscriber and a queryable.

In the following sections, we introduce the primitives and abstractions in Zenoh that enables this sample scenario.